State of the Club – May 2017

Hello! Back here again with a new update about our club!

Our post-Sakura-con bump continues as our “newbies” become regulars! I say newbies in quotes because some of the new players – especially those who just found us from Meetup and the like are not new to the game at all, but do need to get around playing with the physical tiles as opposed to playing on sites like Tenhou. We’re over double digit new members, and still growing with 3 more coming later today for our Memorial Day mahjong. Yes, mahjong doesn’t stop for us on holidays. In fact it only stops if the weather becomes too inclement (which it did earlier this year).

And so we’re really glad to see an influx of new members, so welcome to Dan, Sakina, John E., David, Chris, Kon, Mitchell, Jared, Lawrence and Raphael!

Speaking of the aforementioned Sakura-con our steering committee is working hard to build a structure by which we can not only serve the attendees better next year, but make the job easier for those who volunteer. Our mahjong room is one of the biggest draws at the convention and we would like to continue growing and spreading the game to the masses!

As for our July mahjong tournament, the last one which will give out automatic qualifiers for the World Riichi Champsionships later this year, we are up to 28 registered participants hailing from California (Pacific Mahjong League, LA Pride of Mahjong) and now New York (RIT Nine Gates Mahjong). Planning going well, and we should have a great event for everyone to round out North America’s road to the WRC!

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