2019 JPML Crash Course – Table B

It’s time for the next round of our JPML Crash Course matches. Table B’s players are Nick and Robert from New York representing the USPML, Michael from Great Britain, and our very own Kinyan representing the Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club. I’ve always been a fan of Kinyan’s play style (that is, when I’m not sitting at the same table), which is calm, collected, and lethal. If you have the time, I highly suggest watching the entire match, because it’s a masterclass on sensing dangerous discards and pushing when it matters.


For this match I’ll only be providing an overview due to time constraints, but also be cause I really do suggest watching the match in its entirety.

East 1 ends with Kinyan dealing into a chiitoitsu with 2 dora for 6,400 points, and East 2 ends with an impressive riichi, iipatsu, tsumo, tanyao from Michael in the South seat for a quick mangan.

Near the end of East 3, Kinyan is tenpai with tanyao and sanshoku with 1 dora but the round ends in a draw. East 4 has Michael in tenpai on a pair wait for the 1 manzu, which is also dora. Kinyan picks up the 1 manzu to discard it, but hesitates, then sets it back down and discards a different tile. Just two discards later, Michael would discard the 1 manzu into Michael’s hand.

East round finished in about 21 minutes with the scores as follows:
Nick: 28,500
Kinyan: 21,100
Michael: 41,700
Robert: 28,700

South 1 would finish with Nick winning an open yakihai (East wind), marking the first bonus round of the match. This is where Kinyan would launch her counter-offensive with a riichi, iipeikou, pinfu, and 1 dora, ippatsu on the very first discard for a mangan. This not only brought her within a few hundred points from the starting value of 30,000, but now the difference between first and last is only 3,200 points.

Kinyan would continue her attack in South 2 with a first-turn dealer riichi, and finish it with an ippatsu, tsumo, and 2 ura dora for dealer mangan worth 12,000 points.

Yet more points would be shed as her dealership continued with two back-to-back open tanyao hands, ending only after a riichi tsumo from Nick. By the end of the match, Kinyan would not only win a few more points, but would also never have to pay into anything, maintaining her lead at 45,000 points.

Final scores are:
1st – Kinyan: 45,000 (+30)
Michael – 34,500 (+9.5)
Robert – 20,600 (▲14.4)
Nick – 19,900 (▲21.1)

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