We know there aren’t a lot of English mahjong resources out there. We’ll try to put together a list of pages – both in English and in Japanese (for those of you who can speak/read the language). This list will be updated as we find them.

Where to play:

  • Tenhou (Japanese, $$ optional) – The tried and true client for Riichi Mahjong
  • Tenhou English UI Plugin (Chrome) – For those who need the English overlay for the client.
  • Ron2 (Japanese, $$) – This is the client used by the Japanese Professional Mahjong League (JPML). Their professionals play on the client so you get a chance to play against actual professionals.
  • Mahjong Soul – The new English mahjong client released by YoStar, anime based.


  • Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club Basics Primer – Originally created by a member of our club, we have modified it to meet our needs when teaching at Sakura-con.
  • World Riichi Championship Rules – This is the ruleset used by the World Riichi Championship (WRC), a body that has worked to create a world tournament with a unified ruleset. This page includes clarifications made to the current edition.
  • WRC Doman Mahjong Guide – Created by the WRC, this quick guide was created to assist those playing Doman Mahjong on Final Fantasy XIV.
  • Daina Chiba Riichi Book I – Englishman Daina Chiba has created a primer that is the current standard by which one can learn the foundational pillars of riichi mahjong.
  • Subete no Mahjong (Japanese) – Translated as “Everything Mahjong”, Tsuchida-pro gives his primers and lessons here, from the digital to the occult.


  • Path of Houou – Amber goes under the tutelage of now-JPML pro Daniel Moreno and looks to get to Houou status and documents her journey.