2017 Seattle Riichi Open

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Registration to end Monday, July 3rd! Register now!

Our blog kicks off with the announcement of the 2017 Seattle Riichi Open!

Because of the generosity of the people at Odin Brewing, we are pleased to be able to hold this event! Thanks also goes out to Yellow Mountain Imports (link) who also has been gracious enough to sponsor our event as well!


  • Date – July 15-16, 2017
  • LocationOdin Brewing Company, 402 Baker Blvd, Tukwila, WA
  • RulesetWRC Rules
  • Field Size – 48 (current, with possibilities for expansion)
  • Entry Fee – $0

Yes, that’s right! The entry fee for the tournament is $0! Because of Washington state gambling laws, we are not allowed to charge an entry fee if we are giving a prize worth something of value, and boy are we ever!


  • 1 (minimum) invitation to the World Riichi Championship!

The winner of the tournament will be offered an invitation to the World Riichi Championships (WRC) to be held October 4-8, 2017 in wonderful Las Vegas, NV!

1 seat is guaranteed to be offered, and more are subject to be awarded based upon the size of the field.

A bit of background. The WRC (organizational site) was formed as a collaboration between the European Mahjong Association (one of the largest non-Japanese organizations) and the Japanese Professional Mahjong League (the largest Japanese league). The first iteration of the tournament was held in late 2014 and now here we are with the 2nd tournament being held in our own backyard, as it were.


We expect all players to play with respect and courtesy to fellow players and staff. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • No intentional slow-playing at the table,
  • No rabbit-chasing (looking at tiles not revealed once gameplay is over),
  • No kibitzing (commentating on another players’ game while spectating),
  • No sakitsumo (drawing a tile before the prior player has discarded),
  • No foreign objects allowed at the table (includes headphones, cell phones, etc) outside of pen and paper,
  • Players should be familiar with scoring, however scoring tables will be provided at each table,
  • Accurate points counts should be provided when requested.


Because of the location’s operating hours, the tournament schedule will be an aggressive, grueling 2-day tournament with 5 qualifying rounds on Day 1, and 1 qualifying round and 2 finals round on Day 2. This is to get those traveling in out the door and on red-eye flights home or on the road to get home by a decent hour.

To accommodate this schedule and get any travelers on their way at a decent hour, there will be only one time call at 75 minutes. At that point, you may finish your current hand. A new hand is defined to have begun when the prior hand concludes either by a win or by a draw.

Saturday, July 15

  • 1100 – Location Opens
  • 1100-1200 – Registration
  • 1230-1400 – First Round
  • 1430-1600 – Second Round
  • 1630-1800 – Third Round
  • 1800-1900 – Dinner
  • 1900-2030 – Fourth Round
  • 2100-2230 – Fifth Round

Sunday, July 16

  • 1200 – Location Opens
  • 1230-1400 – Sixth Round
  • 1400-1500 – Lunner
  • 1500-1630 – Finals Round 1
  • 1700-1830 – Finals Round 2
  • 1900 – Awards Presentation



For field less than 24 players, pairings will be determined randomly. For fields 24 and larger the ordinal pairing system will be used.

After the 6th round, there will be a cut for finals based upon field size:

  • Up to 20 – Top 4 players
  • 24-48 players – Top 8 players
  • 52+ players – 12 players


Players will have their scores divided by 1/3 (rounded to the nearest 0.1 point).

Pairings for the first round of playoffs will be the standard format of seating players in snake format (assuming more than 4 players).

Pairing within the 2nd round of playoffs will be within their respective group of 4 placings for final placement. (i.e if the original cut was 8 players, after the first round of playoffs the top 4 scores play for 1st-4th, the second 4 play for 5th-8th).


Food will be provided both days by Odin Brewing during the tournament at the times stated. It will be buffet style with choices of beef, chicken and pork and be available for up to 4 hours after the start of the meal. Cost per person per day is $15 and will need to be paid when registering. If you wish to opt out, you are welcome to do so however you will still be required to pay the $30 beforehand and it will be refunded to you when you check in.


We have an arrangement with the Courtyard Seattle Southcenter wherein you can get a room for $169/night for 1 king, and $179/night for 2 queen.

Once registration and payment for food is confirmed entrants will be provided with information to obtain the discounted room rate.


There will be 2 parts to registration:

  1. Registration for the tournament
  2. Payment of food costs.

An e-mail will be sent once the first step is completed with both an address to send food payments via PayPal, as well as the details to secure the discounted room rate at Courtyard Seattle Southcenter for the tournament.

Only when all parts are completed, players are deemed to have been registered for the tournament. Questions should be forwarded to seattleriichi through gmail.