Seattle Riichi Mahjong Club

  • Beginner's Guide

    An introduction to Riichi Mahjong

    This guide helps new players get familiar with the tiles, point sticks, terminology, and the basics of riichi mahjong
  • Cheatsheets and Tools

    Useful Materials for Mahjong Players

    These are materials that help players practice and play the game.
  • Guide to Counting Fu

    How to Count the Points In Your Mahjong Hand

    Details of how the points are counted for a winning mahjong hand
  • Guide to Yaku

    How to Complete Your Hand in Mahjong

    An (incomplete) guide to various ways to complete your hand in riichi mahjong
  • Links

    Links to Other Resources

    There are many resources available for learning and playing Mahjong. Here are a few of our favorites.